Congratulations Satyam Rajput for Defending Master’s Thesis!

Graduate Student Satyam Rajput from Dr. Gaharwar’s lab has successfully defended his Master’s thesis on “Two-dimensional (2D) Nanosilicates for Additive Manufacturing: Bioink, Support-bath and Sacrificial Ink”. Satyam’s research focused on utilizing nanosilicates as a platform technology to print complex structures via three different approaches. In first approach, he designed shear-thinning bioink by combining nanosilicates with a synthetic and natural polymer. In the second approach, he employed colloidal nanosilicate gel as a support bath for 3D printing by nullifying the surface tension and gravitational forces. In the third approach, he demonstrated the use of nanosilicate bioink as a sacrificial ink to design microfluidic devices for printing vascular channel for in-vitro disease modeling. The versatility of nanosilicate-based biomaterials is expected to provide a wide-spread adoption of this technology in the additive manufacturing.